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OBJECTIVES The degree to which Manitobans were appropriately hospitalized for medical conditions was assessed using a retrospective chart review of a sample of patients in 26 hospitals. RESEARCH DESIGN A standardized set of object-based, nondiagnostic criteria (Inter-Qual) was used by trained abstractors to assess the patient at admission and for each day(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the tyrP promoter region from Escherichia coli has been determined. Two TYR R boxes have been identified, and one of these was shown to overlap the -35 region of a major tyrP promoter (p1). S1 nuclease mapping of in vivo transcripts revealed that transcription from p1 is stimulated by phenylalanine and to a lesser extent by(More)
The gene tyrP, which codes for a component of the tyrosine-specific transport system, has been localized on the Escherichia coli K-12 chromosome at min 42. A tyrP-lac operon fusion was constructed and used to isolate mutants that have altered expression from the tyrP promoter. All putative tyrP operator mutations were transferred onto a plasmid vector by(More)
This work reports the nonlinear current-voltage behavior and the effects of dc bias voltage on the dielectric and electrical properties of titanate nanotubes (TNTs) prepared by hydrothermal method at 130 degrees C for 24 h. The TNTs sample exhibited high dielectric constant of > 10(4) at 100 Hz at room temperature with slight dependence on frequency in the(More)
In a survey of the bacteria in swimming pools treated with either chlorine or Baquacil in private gardens in Melbourne, the water was frequently found to be at the incorrect pH and to contain biocides at suboptimal concentrations. The general bacterial flora count was commonly greater than 200 per mL; only 14% of chlorine-treated pools and 27% of(More)
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