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Crystalline supramolecular aggregates consisting of charged organic molecules, held together through metal-cluster-mediated Coulomb interactions, have attracted interest owing to their unusual structural, chemical and electronic properties. Aggregates containing metal cation clusters 'wrapped' by lipophilic molecular anions have, for example, been shown to(More)
Electron spin echo envelope modulation (ESEEM) has been studied at zero and low magnetic fields (B </= 100 G) by means of optically detected magnetic resonance. Qualitative differences of the ESEEM effect for an electronic triplet state (S = 1) under low-field and high-field conditions are observed and discussed. They are related to the different properties(More)
High-frequency/high-field (95 GHz/3.4 T) electron spin echo envelope modulation (ESEEM) experiments on single crystals and disordered samples of dianisyl-nitroxide (DANO) radicals are reported. At these high microwave frequencies (W-band), the anisotropic g-matrix of the nitroxide radical is resolved in the EPR spectrum. Additionally ESEEM modulations from(More)
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