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Dietary selenium has the potential to reduce growth of mammary tumors. Increasing the Se content of cows’ milk proteins is a potentially effective means to increase Se intake in humans. We investigate the effects of selenized milk protein on human mammary tumor progression in immunodeficient BALB/c nude mice. Four isonitrogenous diets with selenium levels(More)
To support decision-making around diet selection choices to manage glycemia following a meal, a novel mechanistic model of intermittent gastric emptying and plasma glucose-insulin dynamics was developed. Model development was guided by postprandial timecourses of plasma glucose, insulin and the gastric emptying marker acetaminophen in infant calves fed(More)
Polygenic Risk for Hypertriglyceridemia Can Mimic a Major Monogenic Mutation Background: One in 1 million persons has monogenic, familial chylomicronemia that leads to marked hypertriglyceridemia (fasting plasma triglyceride levels >10 mmol/L [>885 mg/dL]), a defect associated with an increased risk for acute pancreatitis. Several genes, including LPL,(More)
AIM To investigate the specific effects of intranasal glucagon (ING) on plasma glucose, endogenous glucose production (EGP) and lipid concentration. METHODS We conducted a single-blind, randomized, crossover study at our academic investigation unit. Under pancreatic clamp conditions with tracer infusion, 1 mg ING or intranasal placebo (INP) was(More)
BACKGROUND Consumption of dairy products reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. Milk proteins and fats exhibit anti-diabetic properties but milk sugars have been studied little in this context. Galactose from milk lactose is readily converted to glycogen in the liver but its effects on insulin sensitivity have not been assessed. Prebiotic oligosaccharides from(More)
OBJECTIVE Insulin administered directly into the brain acutely suppresses hepatic glucose production and triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (TRL) secretion in rodents. In addition, intranasally administered insulin, which selectively raises cerebrospinal fluid insulin concentration, suppresses hepatic glucose production in humans; however, its effect on TRL(More)
Removing His from a postruminal AA infusion decreases milk protein and increases milk fat content. Feather meal is an inexpensive protein source, high in rumen undegradable protein but low in His. The objective of our study was to investigate dietary feather meal as a method for creating a His deficiency or imbalance to alter milk composition. Four dietary(More)
Hard diamond-like carbon (DLC) films with silicon oxide addition were deposited on polymeric materials Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMC). The depositions were done by capacitively coupled r.f. discharges from a mixture of methane and hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO). The flow rate of HMDSO was changed in order to vary the silicon and(More)
Selenium (Se)-enriched milk provides antioxidant benefits and has therapeutic potential against cancer. However, both antidiabetic and prodiabetic effects have been attributed to Se. Our objective was to evaluate the effect of Se-enriched milk casein on insulin sensitivity in rats when given at the requirement of 0.25 ppm Se and supranutritionally on both(More)
To order the complete compilation report, use: ADA421147 The component part is provided here to allow users access to individually authored sections f proceedings, annals, symposia, etc. However, the component should be considered within-he context of the overall compilation report and not as a stand-alone technical report. D if~fuse dielectric barrier(More)