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Dietary selenium has the potential to reduce growth of mammary tumors. Increasing the Se content of cows’ milk proteins is a potentially effective means to increase Se intake in humans. We investigate the effects of selenized milk protein on human mammary tumor progression in immunodeficient BALB/c nude mice. Four isonitrogenous diets with selenium levels(More)
This randomized, multinational, multicenter study was designed to determine the response rate of gemcitabine monotherapy and cisplatin/etoposide combination therapy in chemotherapy-naive patients with advanced, recurrent, and/or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (stage IIIA [if inoperable], IIIB, or IV). One group of patients received gemcitabine 1,000(More)
BACKGROUND Consumption of dairy products reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. Milk proteins and fats exhibit anti-diabetic properties but milk sugars have been studied little in this context. Galactose from milk lactose is readily converted to glycogen in the liver but its effects on insulin sensitivity have not been assessed. Prebiotic oligosaccharides from(More)
To support decision-making around diet selection choices to manage glycemia following a meal, a novel mechanistic model of intermittent gastric emptying and plasma glucose-insulin dynamics was developed. Model development was guided by postprandial timecourses of plasma glucose, insulin and the gastric emptying marker acetaminophen in infant calves fed(More)
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