Priscilla Vieira

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{ This paper describes a complete coverage path planning and guidance methodology for a mobile robot, having the automatic oor cleaning of large industrial areas as a target application. The proposed algorithms rely on the a priori knowledge of a 2D map of the environment and cope with unexpected obstacles not represented on the map. A template based(More)
Artesunate is one of the main antimalarial drugs used in several countries. It is a semisynthetic compound derived from artemisinin, a substance extracted from the Chinese plant, Artemisia annua L. Despite the widespread use of artesunate as an antimalarial drug, there is a lack of data regarding its genotoxic effects in human lymphocytes. Therefore, in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Many efforts have been made to identify candidate genes involved in cancer susceptibility. The present study aimed to investigate the association between Arg194Trp (XRCC1), Ala222Val (MTHFR) and Arg521Lys (EGFR) polymorphisms (SNPs) and their susceptibility to gastric and breast carcinoma cancer in patients from Brazilian Amazon, controlling(More)
BACKGROUND Nucleic acid test (NAT) blood screening for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) was introduced in northern Brazil in July 2012. There are several Brazilian articles that have evaluated transfusion transmission risks for HIV and HCV. However, to our knowledge, this article is the first to evaluate the impact of HIV and(More)
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