Priscilla Merriam

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The galanin receptor-1 (GalR1) protein belongs to a family of G protein-coupled receptors for the neuropeptide galanin (GalR1, GalR2 and GalR3) distributed throughout the central and peripheral nervous system. Activation of galanin receptors by their ligands results in increased feeding, impaired learning, enhanced opiate analgesia and decreased opiate(More)
Breast cancers that overexpress human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2-positive [HER2+]) tend to be biologically aggressive and associated with a poor prognosis, even those that coexpress receptors for estrogen and/or progesterone (hormone receptor-positive [HR+]). Optimal therapy for patients with "double-positive" (HR+/HER2+) breast cancers is(More)
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