Priscila Ledur

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BACKGROUND Drug-eluting stents have been used in daily practice since 2002, with the clear advantages of reducing the risk of target vessel revascularization and an impressive reduction in restenosis rate by 50%-70%. However, the occurrence of a late thrombosis can compromise long-term results, particularly if the risks of this event were sustained. In this(More)
Vitamin D deficiency is frequent among patients with heart failure (HF) and diabetes, disorders associated with exercise intolerance and muscle weakness. This study aims to search for associations between vitamin D sufficiency and physical function indexes in patients with HF and diabetes. A cross-sectional study of 146 HF patients, 39.7% with diabetes, at(More)
BACKGROUND Blood pressure (BP) variability is associated with target organ damage in hypertension and diabetes. The 24 h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (24 h-ABPM) has been proposed as an evaluation for BP variability using several indexes [standard deviation (SD) of mean BP, coefficient of variation (CV), BP variation over time (time-rate index)]. (More)
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