Prisca Feuerstein

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BACKGROUND Dialogue between the oocyte and cumulus cells is essential for oocyte maturation. A prospective laboratory research project was designed to evaluate transcription of specific genes in cumulus cells harvested before intracytoplasmic sperm injection from pre-ovulatory follicles, according to individual oocyte nuclear maturity and developmental(More)
BACKGROUND Single embryo transfer (SET) is the most successful way to reduce the frequency of multiple pregnancies following in vitro fertilisation. However, selecting the embryo for SET with the highest chances of pregnancy remains a difficult challenge since morphological and kinetics criteria provide poor prediction of both developmental and implantation(More)
The dialog between oocyte and cumulus cells brings a major contribution for oocyte meiotic and developmental competence. On the one hand, the oocyte will modulate follicle growth through specific gene expression (Figalpha, GDF-9, BMP15) as well as its meiosis (GPR3 et PDE3A). Beyond its action on proliferation, oocyte will control in part the(More)
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