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BACKGROUND Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) is involved in the development and progression of tumor angio-/lymphangiogenesis. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether VEGF-C expression is an indicator of aggressiveness and poor prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). METHOD A meta-analysis was conducted to investigate(More)
OBJECTIVE This study's aim is to identify the prevalence and types of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) used among Thai breast cancer patients and investigate the factors influencing the use of CAM by these patients. MATERIAL AND METHOD We interviewed 220 Thai breast cancer patients who visited the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical(More)
OBJECTIVE Tenchkhoff catheter malposition is a significant cause of technical failure in patients with peritoneal dialysis (PD). Many surgical revised techniques have been reported including wire manipulation and laparoscopy. The objective of the present study was to report the outcome of surgical revised technique for catheter malposition in patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is an effective method of renal replacement therapy for end-stage renal disease patients. The PD catheter could be inserted by surgical (open surgery/laparoscopic-assisted) or percutaneous techniques. However, the efficacy of the techniques, including catheter survival and catheter related complications, is still(More)
BACKGROUND Bleeding is the most common major complication following colonoscopic polypectomy. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether submucosal epinephrine injections could prevent the occurrence of postpolypectomy bleeding. METHOD The dataset was defined by searching PubMed, EMBASE, Google Scholar, and the Cochrane database for appropriate(More)
Nutcracker syndrome is the term used to describe the patient with clinical symptoms of entrapment of the left renal vein between the aorta and the superior mesenteric artery. Pelvic congestion syndrome, which is a cause of chronic pelvic pain in women, may be due to Nutcracker syndrome. There are many modalities of treatment for Nutcracker syndrome. This is(More)
Although biliary bypass technique which used jejunum as a conduit is a common procedure in open technique of hepatobiliary tract surgery, its complicated technique made it is not feasible for laparoscopic surgery. Before 1960, stomach was used vastly for biliary drainage but late stricture which resulted from too much tension along suture line made it not(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to identify the clinical presentation, natural history, severity and associatedfactors in Thai women presented with mastalgia. MATERIAL AND METHOD One hundred and five Thai women with breast pain who visited HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Center were interviewed with breast pain. The data about socio-economic(More)
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