Princy Dikshit

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In this paper, a new spectral/temporal method is described for robust pitch tracking for both high quality and telephone speech. A previous version of this algorithm was presented as YAAPT (Kasi and Zahorian, 2002) [10]. In the current paper, a novel method is presented for spectral pitch tracking, using nonlinear processing to partially restore the(More)
Water is one of the most incredible natural resource which is vitally important for entire species of living beings present on the planet Earth. Therefore managing water resource is very necessary. Watershed modelling is to organize the watershed such that all the water related problems like water scarcity and flooding can be eliminated. Runoff is the most(More)
Speech has been the principal form of human communication since it began to evolve at least one hundred thousand years ago. Speech is produced by vibrations of the vocal cords. The rate of vibration of the cords is called fundamental frequency (F0) or pitch. The objective of this thesis is to locate pitch period cycles on a cycle-by-cycle basis. The(More)
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