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OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy of a combination of 4 blood markers of alcohol use in detecting alcohol-abusing pregnant women. STUDY DESIGN Two new markers of alcohol use, whole blood-associated acetaldehyde and carbohydrate-deficient transferrin, and 2 traditional markers of alcohol use, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase and mean red blood cell volume,(More)
Animal experimental anastomoses in the small intestine of Mini-Lewe-pigs showed that even sufficient anastomoses free of stenosis can be obtained by using the sticking respectively the ultrasound sealing method. The foreign-body reaction in the surroundings of the suture was approximately equally strong as on the gluten. All animals did not show any(More)
A novel modification of a two-row intestinal anastomosis technique is introduced. A step-like anastomosis was carried out by a short stepwise resection of the several intestinal wall laminae with intramural adaptation on the specific juncture. In 44 end-to-end intestinal anastomoses in dogs and 5 in children there were not observed any insufficiency and(More)
The primary abdominal wall closing together with complete lining of the reconstructed abdominal cavity with peritoneum has been proved optimal in gastroschisis and omphalocele therapy. Otherwise a separate replacement of each abdominal wall layer should be tried. So autologous amnion tissue can be used to replace the peritoneum as homo- and heterologous(More)