Preyas Shah

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Determining the genome sequence of an organism is challenging, yet fundamental to understanding its biology. Over the past decade, thousands of human genomes have been sequenced, contributing deeply to biomedical research. In the vast majority of cases, these have been analyzed by aligning sequence reads to a single reference genome, biasing the resulting(More)
A new generation of robots is being designed for human occupied workspaces where safety is of great concern. This research demonstrates the use of a capacitive skin sensor for collision detection. Tests demonstrate that the sensor reduces impact forces and can detect and characterize collision events, providing information that may be used in the future for(More)
There exist many web based news provider applications (e.g. Pulse News reader application for iPhone/iPad and Android platforms) that gather news articles from the myriad ‘feeds’ the user is subscribed to and displays them with-in each feed category. A feed refers to a stream of news articles that may represent a news category (e.g. Gadgets, Technology,(More)
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