Preston Lee Phillips

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The feasibility of radical surgery for astrocytomas of the optic chiasm/hypothalamus has been reported by several groups. Such surgery carries significant risks, however, including permanent damage to the pituitary gland, optic apparatus, hypothalamic structures, and carotid arteries. The benefits of radical surgery, both in terms of efficacy and toxicity,(More)
Adult age differences in memory for actions were investigated in 2 experiments in which actions were repeated with massed or distributed spacing. In Experiment 1, subjects received a mixed series of actions, half performed once, the others twice, with repetitions either massed or distributed. Young subjects recalled more actions than did the elderly, and(More)
In a 65 year old man with hemoptysis, chest pain, weight loss, clubbing of the digits and a large mediastinal mass, the superior vena cava syndrome developed. He was treated for malignancy with radiation therapy and corticosteroids, but he died shortly after his admission to the hospital. Autopsy revealed syphilitic aortitis with an aneurysm of the(More)
Alluvial conglomerates were widely distributed around the margin of the Early Cretaceous North American Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (KWIS). Conglomerates, sandstones, and lesser amounts of mudstones of the upper Albian Nishnabotna Member of the Dakota Formation were deposited as fill-in valleys that were incised up to 80 m into upper Paleozoic(More)
Adult age differences were determined for the memory and retention of the content of actions. Variation in the physical context from the time of performance of the actions to the time of testing for their memory had no effect for either young or elderly adult subjects on the recall or the recognition of the actions either shortly after acquisition or 24(More)
Recall of a series of 12 activities was compared for young and elderly subjects performing under four instructional conditions: incidental memory, standard intentional memory, intentional-emphasis, and interpolated recall (intermediate recall tests after every three activities had been performed). Relative to the incidental memory condition, superior recall(More)
A thin cemented sandstone bed in the Upper Albian Dakota Formation of southeastern Nebraska contains the first dinosaur tracks to be described from the state. Of equal importance to the tracks are stable-isotope (C, O) analyses of cements in the track bed, especially in the context of data derived from generally correlative strata (sandstones and(More)
Respirator canister designers and manufacturers have a responsibility to provide canisters with increasingly higher capacity and longer service life due to rising safety standards in the workplace. Optimizing the service life of conventional canisters is not about simply increasing the depth of adsorbent present in the canister because this will lead to an(More)
Recognizing the importance of early detection of breast cancer, the Dow Chemical Company initiated a breast cancer awareness program in 1988. Evaluation of operational aspects of mammography screening component revealed that about half (53%) of 1186 eligible women in the evaluation cohort took part, although participation was three times higher for active(More)