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Today overvoltage, over current, overload, over temperature, and under voltage are the most commonly occurred problems in protection circuits of induction motor. We usually design Protection circuits with components such as timers, contactors and current relays. In order to reduce the mechanical components usage we prefer to use Personal Computer (PC) and(More)
Microarray is a high throughput technology that allows uncovering of thousands of genes concurrently. To conduct any biological test like disease prediction and classification in medical field, among the large amount of genes presented in gene expression data, only some particular amount of genes is effective for performing diagnostic test. A Supervised(More)
Software testing is traditionally considered a process of executing test cases, which are carefully designed using test case design techniques. Test case design techniques aim at ensuring systematic Coverage, detection of typical error types and reduction of redundant Testing. Every time it is not possible to perform each and every test case. Hence it is(More)
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