Prerna Vyas

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Ulcerative colitis (UC), a common form of inflammatory bowel disease, is a multifactorial disorder with significant genetic influence. Recently, evidence of linkage on chromosome 7q near the intestinal mucin gene MUC3 was reported by an affected sib-pair analysis. Previous reports indicate a possible mucin abnormality in UC patients, but whether genetic(More)
INTRODUCTION In view of the noteworthy role of adipocytokines in the onset of insulin resistance and diabetes in gene-knockout-rat-model-cell-line studies we aimed to study the influence of genetic predisposition for diabetes on adipocytokine levels and their role in building insulin-resistance-like environment well before the onset of diabetes; thus a(More)
BACKGROUND Leukoplakia is a common, potentially premalignant lesion with malignant transformation rate from 1 to 17% with highest transformation rate for the lesions on the floor of the mouth, soft palate and tongue. One of the main etiological factors is consuming areca nut and its commercial preparations which generate high levels of reactive oxygen(More)
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