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We propose an algorithm that shows improvement in computation timeof existing image encryption-decryption methods. The algorithm also introduces additional one-level of encryption key into the existing methods. Image compression properties of the <i>DWT</i> (Discrete Wavelet Transform) are utilized to bring the improvement. The new algorithms retain(More)
In a hybrid distributed generation system (HDGS), electric power is derived from more than one energy sources. These sources are, in general, a mix of non-conventional (e.g. wind, photovoltaic etc.) and/or conventional sources. An HDGS can either be grid connected or stand alone system. In what proportion should the energy be drawn from each source of the(More)
We propose three novel algorithms for video encryption and decryption. The algorithms insert one-level of encryption key into the existing methods. Data compression properties of the DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) are utilized to make the algorithm faster. The new algorithms retain the robustness of existing image encryption-decryption algorithms. A video(More)
This paper presents the cross focusing of two high power lasers by taking off-axial contributions of the laser beams in a collisionless plasma. Due to relativistic and ponderomotive nonlinearities the two laser beams affect the dynamics of each other and cross focusing takes place. The expressions for the laser beam intensities by using the eikonal method(More)
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