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According to the small-world concept, the entire world is connected through short chains of acquaintances. In popular imagination this is captured in the phrase six degrees of separation, implying that any two individuals are, at most, six handshakes away. Social network analysis is the understanding of concepts and information on relationships among(More)
This paper is an extension to the memory retrieval procedure of the B-Matrix approach [6],[17] to neural network learning. The B-Matrix is a part of the interconnection matrix generated from the Hebbian neural network, and in memory retrieval, the B-matrix is clamped with a small fragment of the memory. The fragment gradually enlarges by means of feedback,(More)
Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), a painful and chronic condition, commonly occurs in women and coincides with post-pubertal increase in sex hormones. A 13-year-old pre-pubertal HIV-infected male child presented to our clinic with a discharging right axillary lymph node swelling. The biopsy of the lesion showed features of HS. The patient was treated with oral(More)
In this paper we focus on the memory retrieval mechanism in an artificial neural network and suggest an algorithm to increase the memory retrieval rate in the B-Matrix neural network. B-matrix is a model of recall by index, where in the activity spreads locally. The B-matrix approach to neural network function accounts for spreading of activity from one(More)
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