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This article presents a comparison of several methods for local estimation of normal direction, principal curvatures and principal directions, given a range image as input. Here we take a range image to be a set of points in 3D space; we also need a definition for neighbourhoods. All methods we compare are based on local approximation of the range image by(More)
The image segmentation plays an important role in medical image processing. Many segmentation algorithms exist. Most of them produce raster data which is not suitable for 3D geometrical modeling of human tissues. In this paper, a vector segmentation algorithm based on a 3D Delaunay triangulation is proposed. Tetrahedral mesh is used to divide a volumetric(More)
This paper deals with a scene pre-processing task - depth image segmentation. Efficiency and accuracy of several methods for depth map segmentation are explored. To meet real-time capable constraints, state-of-the-art techniques needed to be modified. Along with these modifications, new segmentation approaches are presented which aim at optimizing(More)
The article focuses on modification of traditional Marching cubes algorithm for medical applications. Main disadvantage of the traditional algorithm is size of models. A reduction process has been added to the MC to produce much smaller models. The reduction process is applied during the MC, after processing of each input data layer. Resulting models are(More)
The article deals with problematic of 3D tissues reconstruction in area of stomatology. 3D geometry models of teeth and jaw bones we have created based on input CT image data. The input discrete CT data have to be segmented by nearly automatic procedure with correction and verification. Creation of segmented tissue 3D geometry models is based on(More)
Because of FEM computational modelling of human tissues, in number of biomechanical applications , we have needed 3D FEM models of the tissues. Manual creating of the models is often very hard or impossible, because of tissues geometry complexity. Therefore we have developed computer system for fully automatic tetrahedral FEM models creation. Input(More)
Nowadays, the flight guidance equipment supplies practically all the information, required for aircraft navigation. Pseudo-realistic terrain visualization is undoubtedly an important part of this information. Although modern graphics processors are able to render realistic terrain at interactive frame rates, in some applications, it is beneficial to use(More)
INTRODUCTION 3D object construction is one of the key issues of computer graphics and its applications both historically and at the present time. 3D object model representation in computers is the key information in 3D computer graphics, computer vision, and other fields of applications. The 3D models can be obtained through one of the two fundamentally(More)