Premysl Jedlicka

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In many regions of the brain, the activity-dependent changes in synaptic strength depend on the frequency and timing of presynaptic stimulation and postsynaptic activity (synaptic plasticity), as well as the history of activity at those synapses (metaplasticity). The Bienenstock, Cooper and Munro (BCM) theory made several assumptions about how synapses(More)
We present a tunable extended-cavity semiconductor laser, based on the Littman configuration, which has been frequency-stabilized to Doppler-free hyperfine transitions in I2. The stability was measured compared with the reference He-Ne-I2 laser system, whereas the semiconductor laser was locked on components of the P(33) 6-3 transition close enough to the(More)
We start by describing all the varieties of loops Q that can be defined by autotopisms αx, x ∈ Q, where αx is a composition of two triples, each of which becomes an autotopism when the element x belongs to one of the nuclei. In this way we obtain a unifying approach to Bol, Moufang, extra, Buchsteiner and conjugacy closed loops. We reprove some classical(More)
We consider Murphy's polynomial selection algorithm for the general number field sieve. One of the steps in this algorithm consists of finding a minimum of an integral. However, the size of the polynomial coefficients causes the classical steepest descent algorithm to be ineffective. This article brings an idea how to improve the steepest descent algorithm(More)
Two novel restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) around the DXS115 (767) locus, detectable with the restriction enzymes MspI, are described. Since DXS115 is closely linked to the factor VIII gene (F8C), the MspI RFLP was employed in haemophilia A carrier detection. The utility of these RFLPs lies in the increased applicability and accuracy of(More)
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