Premraj Jagoji Khankhane

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Water polluted with arsenic presents a challenge for remediation. A combination of phyto- and electro-remediation was attempted in this study. Four tanks were setup in order to assess the arsenic removal ability of the two methods separately and in combination. Lemna minor was chosen for As remediation and collected from a ditch in Utrecht, The Netherlands.(More)
Emergent hydrophytes Acorus calamus, Typha latifolia and Phragmites karka and epiphytic root bacteria isolated from their rhizoplanes were exposed to atrazine (5 mg l-1 and 10 mg l-1) individually and in plant‒bacterium combination for 15 days hydroponically. It was observed that A. calamus‒Pseudomonas sp. strain ACB combination was best in decontamination,(More)
In this study, plant growth-promoting potential isolates from rhizosphere of 10 weed species grown in heavy metal-contaminated areas were identified and their effect on growth, antioxidant enzymes, and cadmium (Cd) uptake in Arundo donax L. was explored. Plant growth-promoting traits of isolates were also analyzed. These isolates were found to produce(More)
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