Premkumar Mani

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Have2eat is a popular mobile application available for iPhone and Android-based devices that helps users to find and assess nearby restaurants. It lists restaurants located around the device and provides a quick highlight about the opinions expressed by online reviewers. Have2eat summarizes tex-tual reviews by extracting relevant sentences and by(More)
Several architectures have been proposed for sensor networks. However, there is a lack of an over-arching sensor network architecture. Here we present some of the issues associated with existing sensor network architectures. Next, we present several sensor network architectures, including one suitable for a multi-owner environment, classifying these(More)
Programmable logic controller (PLC) is utilized extensively for automation of the electromechanical process. The functionality of the modern PLC is equivalent to desktop computers. Software source code for PLC's is based on graphical data flow of the functional block diagram (FBD). The software development process has multiple phases. More time and cost to(More)
  • 2015
Planning of automated digging processes meets difficulties, because is difficult to describe operating environment (soil)-digging interaction. So, we planned to design a new soil digging/enucleating machine for overcome the above problems. Here a two stroke petrol engine used to operate the mechanism. The piston operation create motions for the system(More)
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