Premkumar Lakshmanan

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Various factors that affect culture establishment, shoot growth, proliferation and rooting ofIxora coccinea L., a woody shrub, were studied. Stem cuttings (decapitated shoot, three nodes) were the most suitable explants for multiple-shoot proliferation, and when cultured on a woody plant medium (WPM) containing 2.5 μM BA produced axillary shoots which(More)
A new and efficient method for clonal propagation of Casuarina sumatrana by rooting stem cuttings is described. High percentage (about 60–70%) of rooting was achieved with mature softwood stem cuttings. A quick-dip of 5 s in NAA (1–10mM) solution followed by sand culture under high humidity were required for a high rate of survival and rooting of stem(More)
Objectives: The aim of the study was to increase the yield of tetanus toxin in short time fermentor cultivation and also to produce pure and potent tetanus toxin replacing initial nitrogen source (N.Z Case) with papain digest broth in the modified Mueller Miller medium (MMMM). Methods: A fermentor, using a vibromixer and optimum supply of sterile air to the(More)
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