Premanand Chandramani

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The experimental optical interconnection module of the Free-Space Accelerator for Switching Terabit Networks (FAST-Net) project is described and characterized. Four two-dimensional (2-D) arrays of monolithically integrated vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL's) and photodetectors (PD's) were designed, fabricated, and incorporated into a folded(More)
We present a method for automating the creation of complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuits that successfully utilizes a large number of area-distributed pads for input-output communication. This method uses Duet Technologies' epoch computer-aided-design tool for automated placement and routing of CMOS circuitry, given a schematic(More)
The Delta-Sigma Modulator (DSM) is predominantly used to control the fractional division part of the PLL based Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer. In this paper a third order Multi Stage Noise Shaping (MASH) Delta-Sigma Modulator architecture is designed using Verilog code. Simulated output is implemented in a SoC based Field programmable gate array (FPGA),(More)
High-speed optical data links enable local area networks (LANs) that operate at data rates above 10 Gb/s. Various network, protocol and switch architectures have been proposed that use these links. The optical network interface card (ONIC) is an important component for demonstrating efficient application of these architectures. In this paper, we describe(More)
This paper presents a hardware implementation solution to a real time stereo matching problem using system of associative relations (SOAR) computational model. SOAR makes use of pair-wise pixel interactions captured as direction of derivatives to determine the underlying structure of associations within an analysis token. SOAR also offers a similarity(More)
The design, packaging approach, and experimental evaluation of the free-space accelerator for switching terabit networks (FAST-Net) smart-pixel-based optical interconnection prototype are described. FAST-Net is a high-throughput data-switching concept that uses a reflective optical system to globally interconnect a multichip array of smart pixel devices.(More)
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