Premanand Chandramani

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The experimental optical interconnection module of the Free-Space Accelerator for Switching Terabit Networks (FAST-Net) project is described and characterized. Four two-dimensional (2-D) arrays of monolithically integrated vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL's) and photodetectors (PD's) were designed, fabricated, and incorporated into a folded(More)
  • Berkehan Ciftcioglu, Rebecca Berman, Shang Wang, Jianyun Hu, Ioannis Savidis, Manish Jain +150 others
  • 2012
This paper presents the first chip-scale demonstration of an intra-chip free-space optical interconnect (FSOI) we recently proposed. This interconnect system provides point-to-point free-space optical links between any two communication nodes, and hence constructs an all-to-all intra-chip communication fabric, which can be extended for inter-chip(More)
This paper presents a hardware implementation solution to a real time stereo matching problem using system of associative relations (SOAR) computational model. SOAR makes use of pair-wise pixel interactions captured as direction of derivatives to determine the underlying structure of associations within an analysis token. SOAR also offers a similarity(More)
The first prototype of the free-space accelerator for switching terabit networks (FAST-Net) program is described. The optical interconnection module consists of an array of matched high-resolution, wide-angle (f /1.1) imaging lenses that effect a global point-to-point shuffle link pattern across a multichip smart pixel array. A mirror is used to fold the(More)
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