Prema T. Akkasaligar

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Essential hypertension (HTN) usually clusters with other cardiovascular risk factors such as age, overweight, diabetes, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. The target organ damage (TOD) such as left ventricular hypertrophy, microalbuminuria (MA), acute coronary syndrome (ACS), stroke and cognitive dysfunction takes place early in course of hypertension.(More)
Speckle noise affects all coherent imaging systems including medical ultrasound. In medical images, noise suppression is a particularly delicate and difficult task. A tradeoff between noise reduction and the preservation of actual image features has to be made in a way that enhances the diagnostically relevant image content. Even though wavelets have been(More)
Ultrasonography has been considered as one of the most powerful techniques for imaging organs and soft tissue structures in the human body. The main disadvantage of medical ultrasonography is the poor quality of images, which are affected by multiplicative speckle noise. In this paper, we present a novel method for despeckling medical ultrasound images. The(More)
Medical ultrasound images are widely used for diagnostic purposes. A major problem regarding these images is in their inherent corruption by speckle noise. The presence of speckle noise severely hampers the interpretation and analysis of medical ultrasound images. The objective of the paper is to propose a method for removal of noise in the medical(More)
Ultrasonography is considered to be safest technique in medical imaging and hence is used extensively. Due to the presence of speckle noise and other constraints, establishing the general segmentation scheme for different classes of kidney in ultrasound image is a challenging task. This paper aims at classification of medical ultrasound images of kidney as(More)
Ultrasound imaging is widely used in the field of medicine. It is used for imaging soft tissues in organs like liver, kidney, spleen, uterus, heart, brain etc. The common problem in ultrasound image is speckle noise which is caused by the imaging technique used, that may be based on coherent waves such as acoustic to laser imaging. The denoising is to be(More)
The widespread usage of ultrasound imaging equipment necessitates the need for better image processing techniques to offer a clearer image to the medical practitioner. This makes the use of efficient despeckle filtering a very important task. The speckle is most often considered a dominant source of multiplicative noise in ultrasound imaging and should be(More)
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is a commonly performed diagnostic and therapeutic procedure and has many adverse effects like cardiopulmonary complications, complications related to sedation, infectious complications, bleeding and perforation. So this study was undertaken to evaluate important variables like patient’s age, gender and stage of the(More)