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The L(2, 1)-labeling (or distance two labeling) of a graph G is an integer labeling of G in which two vertices at distance one from each other must have labels differing by at least 2 and those at distance two must differ by at least 1. The L(2, 1)-labeling numberλሺGሻ of G is the smallest number k such that G has an L(2, 1)-labeling max{ (): ()} f v v V G k(More)
The concept of-labeling in graph come into existence with the solution of frequency assignment problem. In fact, in this problem a frequency in the form of nonnegative integers is to assign to each radio or TV transmitters located at various places such that communication does not interfere. This frequency assignment problem can be modeled with vertex(More)
A lathe is a versatile manufacturing tool. CNC lathes as well as CNC turning centers are commonly available. Sophisticated machining such as helicals, threads, and even milling can be performed of these CNC lathes. Turning of nonsymmetric parts are now possible on lathes. Therefore extending their capabilities beyond the traditional role of symmetrical(More)
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