Preferential Linking Aldridge

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Listeners with sensorineural hearing loss often have difficulty discriminating stop consonants even when the speech signals are presented at high levels. One possible explanation for this deficit is that hearing-impaired listeners cannot use the information contained in the rapid formant transitions as well as normal-hearing listeners. If this is the case,(More)
The indirect fluorescent antibody test was adapted for identifying bovine respiratory syncytial virus and its specific antibody, using goat turbinate (GTU) cells. The virus caused maximal cytopathic effects in GTU cells 4 to 8 days postinfection, but fluorescence was not readily detected during this period. Fluorescence was maximal in infected GTU cells at(More)
We investigated the efficiency of residual ozone from an advanced water treatment plant with an applied dose of 2.5 mg l(-1) to inactivate viable Cryptosporidium oocysts during summer (i.e. 24 degrees C) and winter (i.e. 18.9 degrees C) in Queensland, Australia. Containers for sample collection were inoculated with 1,000 oocysts l(-1) and filled with(More)
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