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Immobilization and Kinetics of Catalase on Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles Attached Epoxy Support
A novel hybrid epoxy/nano CaCO3 composite matrix for catalase immobilization was prepared by polymerizing epoxy resin in the presence of CaCO3 nanoparticles. The hybrid support was characterizedExpand
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Purification and Analytical Application of Vigna mungo Chitinase for Determination of Total Fungal Load of Stored Cereals
AbstractA novel chitinase from urd bean (Vigna mungo) seeds was purified up to homogeneity and optimized with respect to its optimum working conditions of pH, temperature, and substrateExpand
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Increasing the efficiency of immobilization and chitin determination using copper oxide nanoparticles.
A novel polyurethane (PU) support with and without copper oxide nanoparticles (nCuO) was employed for immobilization of two chitinolytic enzymes, chitinase and N-acetyl β glucosaminidase (NAGase) toExpand
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Dental Anxiety Assessment among Rural Patients visiting Satellite Clinic at Panchkula District , Haryana , India
Aim: Dental anxiety is a common problem both for dental practitioners and the patients visiting dental clinics. It afflicts a significant proportion of people of all ages and often results in poorExpand
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Improved protein determination assays obtained after substitution of copper sulfate by copper oxide nanoparticles.
Copper oxide nanoparticles (nano CuO) provide Cu2+ ions which can be easily harnessed for protein determination as an alternative to the use of copper sulfate (CuSO4). In the present work, nano CuOExpand
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Strong Convergence Results for Fixed Point Iterations in Convex Metric Spaces
In this paper, we prove strong convergence results for some Jungck type iterative schemes in Convex metric spaces for a pair of non-selfmappings using a contractive condition. Expand
Innovation Management in Medium Small Businesses
The presence of SMEs is the basis for many economic growth countries in the world, including in India. The problem of SMEs in India is usually very urgent such as lack of financial assets, limitedExpand