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This study provides data on plasma hormone levels in patients with severe clinical congestive cardiac failure who had never received therapy and in whom the presence of an accumulation of excess water and sodium had been established. Eight patients were studied; two had ischemic cardiac disease, and six had dilated cardiomyopathy. Mean hemodynamic(More)
Clinical data from 186 patients (133 males and 53 females) with 190 episodes of infective endocarditis (IE) occurring between January 1981 and July 1991 were studied retrospectively at a large referral hospital in Northern India with the intention of highlighting certain essential differences from those reported in the West. The mean age was much lower (25(More)
INTRODUCTION The present study seeks to evaluate the prevalence and outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) from Jammu region. METHODS During the period of study, women at 24th to 28th week of gestation were investigated for the presence of GDM according to Diabetes In Pregnancy Study Group India (DIPSI) guidelines. The maternal and fetal outcomes(More)
BACKGROUND The pathogenesis of salt and water accumulation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is unclear and may differ from that in patients with congestive heart failure due to myocardial disease. This study was undertaken to investigate some of the mechanisms involved. METHODS AND RESULTS Hemodynamics, water and electrolyte spaces,(More)
The epidemiology of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in a rural community (total population 114,610) in northern India was studied by setting up a registry based on primary health care centres. Health workers and schoolteachers were trained to identify suspected patients in school and village surveys (121 villages). Medical specialists screened(More)
Superoxide production by mice neutrophils was inhibited by nifedipine exposure in a dose dependent manner. The inhibition of Ca2+ uptake elicited by nifedipine did not appear to account for the observed effect as the extracellular Ca2+ enrichment and depletion did not produce a significant reversal of the inhibition. Cytosolic free Ca2+ as measured by Quin(More)
BACKGROUND The pathogenesis of sodium and water accumulation in chronic constrictive pericarditis is not well understood and may differ from that in patients with chronic congestive heart failure due to myocardial disease. This study was undertaken to investigate some of the mechanisms. METHODS AND RESULTS Using standard techniques, the hemodynamics,(More)
A patient with diffuse involvement of the central nervous system and pseudohypertrophic muscular changes induced by cysticerci is described. Electromyographic and pathologic changes are reported for the first time. Electromyographic examination demonstrated numerous short-duration, low-amplitude motor unit potentials in proximal muscles. Biopsy showed(More)
An experimental study to simulate the lesions of primary pulmonary hypertension was under-taken in rabbits. Five groups were made, each having six animals and these were given separately packed cells (3 per cent suspension of homologous erythrocytes in physiologic saline), plasma rich in platelets, plasma without platelets, ADP solution, and normal saline(More)