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Browsing is part of the information-seeking process, used when information needs are ill-defined or unspecific. Browsing and searching are often interleaved during information seeking to accommodate changing awareness of information needs. Digital libraries often do not support browsing. Described here are three browsing systems created for the Greenstone(More)
In this study, organochlorine insecticides (OCPs), DDT metabolites and HCH isomers were quantified in mustard, groundnut and sunflower oils collected from different regions of India. The maximum level of 222.0 ng g(-1) and minimum level of 0.2 ng g(-1) of SigmaDDT were detected in mustard oil from Deoria and Varanasi while those of SigmaHCH i.e., 1500 ng(More)
This paper provides a detailed literature survey of various video de-noising techniques. Most of the video de-noising algorithms are done through the motion detection technique. The main goal is to allow a survey of varied noise reduction techniques for video. Object detection is the first level of video de-noising. The first level are often achieved(More)
Graphene is a very promising electronic material that has attracted vast research interests due to its unique electronic properties [1]. In this paper, a graphene-based FET-like aptamer sensor is modelled for the case of an aptamer that binds to a cocaine surrogate. Methylene-blue (MB) is a nanoscale molecule that functions as an electron donor. The(More)
Ocimum (Lamiaceae) is an important source of essential oils and aroma chemicals especially eugenol, methyl eugenol, linalool, methyl chavicol etc. An elite evergreen hybrid has been developed from Ocimum kilimandscharicum and Ocimum basilicum, which demonstrated adaptive behavior towards cold stress. A comparative molecular analysis has been done through(More)
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