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The XML stream filtering applications are gaining popularity in recent years. These Applications require a filtering system that queries on a continuous stream of XML documents and delivers matched content accordingly. A PFilter algorithm has been proposed recently by authors. It has been found to be more effective on a large number of XML streaming(More)
Cloud computing is the growing technology. Each organization wants to connect to the cloud computing environment. But some of them resist connecting due to security issues. Various security factors had been raised, some also lead to include third party auditor for solving security issues. Another major factor in concern is the Trust on the cloud service(More)
Information processing and retrieval in many applications needs filtering of the XML streams. A streamfilter system examines queries on a continuous stream of XML documents and delivers matched content to the user. This paper proposes a new algorithm named PFilter for stream filtering systems. The PFilter processes a large amount of XPath query expressions(More)
A significant growth is observed in network technology during last few decades. Several kinds of information services are delivered using the networks. Additionally, both legitimate and malicious users are accessing the services. Moreover, the network is always vulnerable to different kinds of security issues. Therefore the domain of security is an(More)
Cloud computing is the growing technology. It offers many services. The cloud service provider facilitates on demand services therefore the data on the hosting server increases significantly and so the data access. To reduce the maintenance cost of data management and for protecting data loss, data outsourcing technique are adopted. To manage the trust of(More)
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