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The translation machinery deciphers genetic information encoded within mRNAs to synthesize proteins needed for various cellular functions. Defective mRNAs that lack in-frame stop codons trigger non-productive stalling of ribosomes. We investigated how cells deal with such defective mRNAs, and present evidence to demonstrate that RNase R, a processive(More)
Alkalophilic Cellulosimicrobium cellulans CKMX1 isolated from mushroom compost is first report on actinomycetes that has the ability to produce thermostable cellulase-free xylanase, which is an important industrial enzyme used in the pulp and paper industry. Strain CKMX1 was characterized by metabolic fingerprinting, whole-cell fatty acids methyl ester(More)
The carboxy-terminal ends of the 40- and 42-amino acids amyloid beta-protein (Abeta) may be generated by the action of at least two different proteases termed gamma(40)- and gamma(42)-secretase, respectively. To examine the cleavage specificity of the two proteases, we treated amyloid precursor protein (APP)-transfected cell cultures with several dipeptidyl(More)
P-solubilizing bacterial isolate CB7 isolated from apple rhizosphere soil of Himachal Pradesh, India was identified as Bacillus circulans on the basis of phenotypic characteristics, biochemical tests, fatty acid methyl esters analysis, and 16S rRNA gene sequence. The isolate exhibited plant growth-promoting traits of P-solubilization, auxin,(More)
The effects of yeast extract (X1), NH4NO3 (X2), peptone (X3), urea (X4), CMC (X5), Tween 20 (X6), MgSO4 (X7), and CaCO3 (X8) on production of xylanase from Cellulosimicrobium cellulans CKMX1 were optimized by statistical analysis using response surface methodology (RSM). The RSM was used to optimize xylanase production by implementing the Central composite(More)
A survey for transmitted HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) was conducted according to WHO guidelines among clients newly diagnosed with HIV-1 infection at two voluntary counseling and testing centers (VCTC) in Mumbai. HIVDR testing was performed using the ViroSeq RT-PCR method (Abbott). Out of 50 successfully amplified and sequenced specimens, analysis of the(More)
OBJECTIVES Noninvasive serum markers of liver fibrosis are being used as an alternative to liver biopsy. Currently available tests distinguish, with accuracy, only absent/minimal fibrosis (Ishak stages 0-1) and advanced fibrosis/cirrhosis (Ishak stages 4-6), but not intermediate fibrosis (Ishak stages 2-3). Our aim was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of(More)
Antisera against specific sites of the Alzheimer beta Amyloid protein precursor (beta APP) were used to study the effects of nerve and epidermal growth factors on the expression and processing of this protein in PC12 cell cultures. Two major beta APP proteins (140 and 105 kDa) both containing the Kunitz-protease inhibitor insert (KPI), were detected in cell(More)
In MDCK cells, presenilin-1 (PS1) accumulates at intercellular contacts where it colocalizes with components of the cadherin-based adherens junctions. PS1 fragments form complexes with E-cadherin, beta-catenin, and alpha-catenin, all components of adherens junctions. In confluent MDCK cells, PS1 forms complexes with cell surface E-cadherin; disruption of(More)