Preeti R. Manke

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The paper describes the development and testing of a neural network based drum level controller for sub-critical thermal power plant boilers. Experimental data obtained from an operational coal fired power plant (500MW Thermal Power Station, Korba, India) is used to train the neural network. This model proposes a simple training algorithm for a class of(More)
The rapid growth of industrialization has increased use of power systems tremendously in process and software industries. Therefore, there is thrust on industries to improve power quality with power monitoring and protection system by classifying voltage and current disturbances. This paper presents a new approach for classifying the events that represent(More)
The Intention of this study was to examine and compare the effect of three different polymerization systems on the dimensional changes of denture-resin. The development of the fissure has been measured at five fixed points at the posterior border of upper complete dentures after a 4-weeks'-storage in water and saliva respectively. The perform-Inkovac-System(More)
Nowadays a number of energy simulation tools are available for analyzing the probable energy implications and related impacts of the proposed building project. These tools work on the information about the various aspects of proposed building - either input by the user or imported from CAD tools. Extraction of building data directly from the 2D CAD tools is(More)
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