Preeti Mittal Roy

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Cancer chemoprevention by natural dietary agents has received considerable importance because of their cost-effectiveness and wide safety margin. However, single agent intervention has failed to bring the expected outcome in clinical trials; therefore, combinations of chemopreventive agents are gaining increasing popularity. The present study aims to(More)
In this paper, we identify parameters crucial to the performance of a Query By Humming (QBH) system, and present an analytical approach to determining optimal values of such parameters. Existing systems use heuristically chosen parameters-our analytical results are in accordance with such values. We present results of experimentation with simulated data, as(More)
  • Dutta Sumantra, Preeti Roy, Ameya Shekhar Rao, Rishabh Galinde, Bhargava
  • 2004
The paper proposes an analytical modeling of important parameters in a melody-based Query-by-Humming system, and proposes a new function to characterise the performance of such systems. Results of experiments with analytical models, as well as an actual QBH system give results consistent with empirical results mentioned in the literature .
A Robotic device is a powered, computer controlled manipulator with artificial sensing that can be reprogrammed to move and position tools to carry out a wide range of tasks. Robots and Telemanipulators were first developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for use in space exploration. Today's medical robotic systems were the(More)
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