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BACKGROUND Prophages are integrated viral forms in bacterial genomes that have been found to contribute to interstrain genetic variability. Many virulence-associated genes are reported to be prophage encoded. Present computational methods to detect prophages are either by identifying possible essential proteins such as integrases or by an extension of this(More)
Prophages are integrated viral genomes in bacteria. Prophages are distinct from other genomic segments encoding virulence factors that have been acquired by horizontal gene transfer events. A database for prophages been constructed with data available from literature reports. To date other than bacteriophage corner stone genes based iterative searches, no(More)
DNA polymerases are essential enzymes in all domains of life for both DNA replication and repair. The primary DNA replication polymerase from Sulfolobus solfataricus (SsoDpo1) has been shown previously to provide the necessary polymerization speed and exonuclease activity to replicate the genome accurately. We find that this polymerase is able to physically(More)
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