Preeti M. Sivasankar

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Here we present an injectable PEG/collagen hydrogel system with robust networks for use as elastomeric tissue scaffolds. Covalently crosslinked PEG and physically crosslinked collagen form semi-interpenetrating networks. The mechanical strength of the hydrogels depends predominantely on the PEG concentration but the incorporation of collagen into the PEG(More)
In present work, the influence of reservoir pH conditions on dynamics of microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) processes using Pseudomonas putida was analysed numerically from the developed mathematical model for MEOR processes. Further, a new strategy to improve the MEOR performance has also been proposed. It is concluded from present study that by(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of a superficial laryngeal dehydration challenge on vocal fold vibration in young healthy adults using high-speed video imaging. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In this prospective study, the effects of a 60-minute superficial laryngeal dehydration challenge on spatial (speed quotient, amplitude quotient)(More)
Vocal fold scarring is a common cause of dysphonia. Current treatments involving vocal fold augmentation do not yield satisfactory outcomes in the long term. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine offer an attractive treatment option for vocal fold scarring, with the aim to restore the native extracellular matrix microenvironment and biomechanical(More)
Rudolph, Johanna M. Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2013. Predicting Language Impairment Status: A Risk Factor Model. Major Professor: Laurence B. Leonard. The etiology of specific language impairment (SLI) is multifactorial. Research has shown that genetic, environmental, and developmental factors may influence the course of its development. Because(More)
pH and resident time of injected slug plays a critical role in characterizing the reservoir for potential microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) application. To investigate MEOR processes, a multispecies (microbes-nutrients) reactive transport model in porous media was developed by coupling kinetic and transport model. The present work differs from earlier(More)
Herndon, Nicole E. M.S., Purdue University, December 2014. Respiratory and Laryngeal Function in Teachers Pre and Post a 1-Hour Vocal Loading Challenge. Major Professor: Jessica Huber. Teachers use their voice as a key part of their profession, often speaking at an increased loudness for multiple hours a day. This places teachers at a high risk for voice(More)
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