Preeti M Pandey

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Residual solvents in pharmaceutical samples are monitored using gas chromatography with head space. Based on good manufacturing practices, measuring residual solvents is mandatory for the release testing of all active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The analysis of residual organic solvents (methanol, acetone, cyclohexane, dichloromethane, toluene) in(More)
We present an assessment of 200 patellar fractures treated mostly (175) by partial patellectomy. In 23 cases in which the quadriceps mechanism was 75% intact (MRC power approximately 4), the fractures were treated conservatively, with an overall acceptable result. The operative series with an average follow-up of 3 years has shown 80.3% excellent to good(More)
Drug delivery is the method or process of administering a pharmaceutical compound to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans or animals. For the treatment of human diseases, nasal and pulmonary routes of drug delivery are gaining increasing importance. These routes provide promising alternatives to parenteral drug delivery particularly for peptide and(More)
Etodolac, a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug, widely used in arthritis is associated with gastric ulceration and irritation due to presence of free carboxylic group. The current investigation reports synthesis of mutual amide prodrug of etodolac by masking free carboxylic group with glucosamine, a nutritional supplement for treatment of arthritis.(More)
Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. According to World Health Organization estimation about 18 million people worldwide are suffering from Alzheimer's disease (AD) and figures would shoot up to 34 million by 2025 in aging population. The onset and propagation of AD is unrelenting from cellular to molecular levels, governed by multitude of factors leading to(More)
Recent years have witnessed the introduction of several high-quality review articles into the literature covering various scientific and technical aspects of bioanalysis. Now it is widely accepted that bioanalysis is an integral part of the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic characterization of a novel chemical entity from the time of its discovery and during(More)
A simple, accurate and sensitive spectroscopic method has been proposed for the assay of ciprofloxacin in tablet by least square treatment of fourier transform infrared spectrometric data obtained at the wavenumber corresponding to the carbonyl group centered at 1707 cm(-1). The method involves the extraction of the active ingredient with methanol followed(More)
This paper provides some perspective on the effectiveness of information retrieval that had its beginnings long before the creation of the Internet and provides some enlightened predictions on possible future directions of the field. The field of Information Retrieval (IR) was born in the 1950s out of this necessity. Over the last forty years, the field has(More)
The current study reports the development and characterization of soy lecithin based novel self-assembled emulsion hydrogels. Sesame oil was used as the representative oil phase. Emulsion gels were formed when the concentration of soy lecithin was >40% w/w. Metronidazole was used as the model drug for the drug release and the antimicrobial tests.(More)