Preeti Kothiyal

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The aim of the present study was to highlight the comparative nootropic effects of Evolvulus alsinoides and Convolvulus pluricaulis using two validated models of memory namely jumping box and elevated plus maze. Evolvulus alsinoides and Convolvulus pluricaulis are regarded as the botanical source of Shankhpushpi along with Clitorea ternatea and Canscora(More)
Quinazolinthione is a heterocyclic compound with a unique place in the field of medicinal chemistry. The comprehensive study summaries the different derivative of quinazolinthione derivative along with their chemistry, evaluated for their antibacterial activity. The structures of all newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by FT-IR, Mass spectroscopy, 1(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a complex condition that is characterized by chronic inflammation of the synovial membrane of the affected joints, often with systemic manifestations. The etiology and precise pathogenesis of RA is yet unclear. The disease involves inflammation of the synovial membrane, which releases inflammatory cytokines that cause damage to(More)
Ocular inserts are sterile preparations, with a thin, multilayered, drug-impregnated, solid or semisolid consistency devices placed into cul-de-sac or conjunctiva sac. They are usually made up of polymeric vehicle containing drug. Ocular drug delivery is one of the most fascinating and challenging tasks being faced by the Pharmaceutical researchers. One of(More)
INTRODUCTION Nowadays our life style affect our body by rapid industrialization, changes in our life style, environmental degradation, pollution and excessive use of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals. And these chemicals / xenobiotics are toxic for our body which can cause serious life threatening hazards to our body and produces several(More)
Pharmaceutical pictograms have the potential to play an important role in optimizing compliance in the illiterate patient population. Pictograms may improve warning comprehension for those with visual or literacy difficulties and can sometimes be recognized and recalled far better than words. The main purpose of this study is to determine whether these(More)
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