Preeti Khanna

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This report is of a quantitative morphological investigation of the gastric wall in the aged laboratory mouse. Male mice of 6, 9, 18, 28 and 34 months of age were killed and the mid-greater curvature of the stomach examined qualitatively and quantitatively for age-related changes. There was no evidence of superficial or atrophic gastritis in any of the mice(More)
In day to day life, emotions are becoming an important tool which helps to take not only the decisions but also to enhance learning, creative thinking and to effectively correspond in the social interaction. Several studies have been conducted comprising of classical human human interaction and human computer interaction. They concluded that for intelligent(More)
Technology alignment helps organizations to do things better by supporting or shaping competitive strategies. Above all, it must have an impact on organizational performance. Technology has been instrumental in transforming the field of Human Resources in delivery, support and management of HR processes in an effective and efficient way. As companies begin(More)