Preeti Kaur

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This paper presents a novel approach for prioritizing test scenarios generated from UML 2.0 activity graph using path complexity. Activity Diagram is used as it is available at an early stage of the software development life cycle allowing us to detect faults at early stages, hence reducing the overall time and effort required for testing. In the proposed(More)
—Application with sequential algorithm can no longer rely on technology scaling to improve performance. Image processing applications exhibits high degree of parallelism and are excellent source for multicore platform. Major challenge of parallel processing is not only aim to high performance but is to give solution is less time and better utilization of(More)
The seasonal melting of ice entombed cryoconite holes on McMurdo Dry Valley glaciers provides oases for life in the harsh environmental conditions of the polar desert where surface air temperatures only occasionally exceed 0°C during the Austral summer. Here we follow temporal changes in cryoconite hole biogeochemistry on Canada Glacier from fully frozen(More)
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