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An exact solution of the unsteady free convection boundary-layer flow of an incompressible fluid past an inclined oscillating plate with the flow generated by Newtonian heating in the presence of radiation is presented here. The resulting coupled linear partial differential equations for the velocity, the temperature and the concentration are(More)
The objectives of the current investigation were (1) to study the influence of selected two different non-solvents (diethylether and dichloromethane) on the drug crystal formation of a model drug, aspirin (ASP-I) by the modified vapor diffusion method and (2) to characterize and compare the generated crystals (ASP-II and ASP-III) using different analytical(More)
  • Preeti Jain
  • 2014
An analysis study is presented to study the effects of Hall current and Soret effect on unsteady hydromagnetic natural convection of a micropolar fluid in a rotating frame of reference with slip-flow regime. A uniform magnetic field acts perpendicularly to the porous surface which absorbs the micropolar fluid with variable suction velocity. The effects of(More)
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