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– We developed a real-time controller for a 2 wherein the cursor was rotated by an additional (constant) offset angle. We compared the rates at which the hand paths converged to the steady-state trajectories. Our results demonstrate that error-augmentation can improve the rate and extent of motor learning of visuomotor rotations in healthy subjects. We also(More)
We studied reach adaptation to a 30° visuomotor rotation to determine whether augmented error feedback can promote faster and more complete motor learning. Four groups of healthy adults reached with their unseen arm to visual targets surrounding a central starting point. A manipulandum tracked hand motion and projected a cursor onto a display immediately(More)
We developed a real-time controller for a 2 degree-of-freedom robotic system using xPC Target. This system was used to investigate how different methods of performance error feedback can lead to faster and more complete motor learning in individuals asked to compensate for a novel visuo-motor transformation (a 30 degree rotation). Four groups of human(More)
Driver fatigue is an important factor in large number of accidents. There has been much work done in driver fatigue detection. This paper presents driver fatigue detection based on tracking the mouth and to study on monitoring and recognizing yawning. The authors proposed a method to locate and track driver's mouth using cascade of classifiers proposed by(More)
The FlexRay communication system is an emerging standard for advanced automotive control applications, such as drive-by-wire. The detailed micro-architectural level of the FlexRay specification facilitates implementations where the internal operation closely reflects the protocol specification definitions. Corresponding functional coverage models in the(More)
There are many economic and technical arguments for the reduction of the number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) aboard a car. One of the key obstacles to achieve this goal is the limited composability, fault isolation and error containment of todaypsilas single processor architectures. However, significant changes in the chip architecture are taking(More)
— The next generation of banking applications won't be on desktop or mainframes but on the small devices we carry every day. Secured e banking on the mobile is the latest issue for all mobile users. In this paper authors have focused on, how biometric mechanis m provides the highest security to the mobile payment. The prese nt security issues surround the(More)
Many factors are considered when analyzing automobile transportation in order to increase safety. One of the most prominent factors for night-time travel is temporary blindness due to elevated headlight intensity. While headlight intensity provides better visual acuity, it inversely affects oncoming traffic. This problem is compounded when both drivers are(More)