Preethi Vijayaraj

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The molecular mechanisms that govern stem cell differentiation along the endothelial lineage remain largely unknown. Ets related gene (ERG) has recently been shown to participate in the transcriptional regulation of a number of endothelial specific genes including VE-cadherin (CD144), endoglin, and von Willebrand's Factor (vWF). The specific role of the ETS(More)
During murine embryogenesis, the Ets factor Erg is highly expressed in endothelial cells of the developing vasculature and in articular chondrocytes of developing bone. We identified seven isoforms for the mouse Erg gene. Four share a common translational start site encoded by exon 3 (Ex3) and are enriched in chondrocytes. The other three have a separate(More)
The differentiation of embryonic stem cells along the endothelial cell lineage requires a tightly coordinated sequence of events that are regulated in both space and time. Although significant gaps remain in this process, major strides have been made over the past 10 years in identifying the growth factors, signal transduction pathways, and transcription(More)
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