Preethi S. Raghava

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Phospholamban (PLB) is a critical regulator of Ca(2+) cycling in heart muscle cells, and its gene expression is markedly down-regulated by T(3). Nonetheless, little is known about the molecular mechanisms of T(3)-dependent gene silencing in cardiac muscle, and it remains unclear whether thyroid hormone receptors (TRs) directly bind at the PLB gene in vivo(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence of physician burnout, psychological distress, and its association with selected personal and practice characteristics among pediatric critical care physicians and to evaluate the relationship between burnout and psychological distress. DESIGN Cross-sectional, online survey. SETTING Pediatric critical care practices(More)
Plastibell is one of the three most common devices used for neonatal circumcision in the United States, with a complication rate as low as 1.8%. The Plastibell circumcision device is commonly used under local anesthesia for religious circumcision in male neonates, because of cosmetic reasons and ease of use. Occasionally, instead of falling off, the device(More)
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