Preetha Mathew

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The clinical features, treatment, and outcome were reviewed for 48 patients with a haematoma and 71 patients with an infarct in the posterior fossa in order to develop a rational plan of management. Clinical features alone were insufficient to make a diagnosis in about half of the series. Patients with a haematoma were referred more quickly to the(More)
Cortical contusions are one of the most common characteristics in head injury and are regarded by many as the hallmark of significant injury. No experimental study has clarified the roles of mechanical forces, haemorrhage and ischaemia in the process of progressive acute brain damage and later neurobehavioural dysfunction. We have devised a new, simple(More)
The authors have devised a simple reproducible rodent model of focal cortical injury that uses a mechanical suction force applied through intact dura. The time course and pattern of changes in neurons, glia, and microvasculature were investigated using this model. Early traumatic disruption of the blood-brain barrier and hemorrhage do not occur in this(More)
In a new, reproducible model of rodent focal cortical injury, we have shown that in the absence of early traumatic disruption of the microvasculature and subsequent hemorrhage, delayed perivascular protein leakage and polymorphonuclear leukocyte infiltration of the injured cortex occur. In this study we employed a sensitive quantitative autoradiographic(More)
We have retrospectively reviewed 23 conscious patients, in whom a CT scan diagnosis of acute subdural haematoma was made, and in whom craniotomy for evacuation was not initially performed. These highly selected patients represent 3% of 837 patients with acute subdural haematoma, presenting over a five year, eight month period to the Institute of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of levetiracetam in oromandibular or cranial dystonia. METHODS We recruited seven subjects with oromandibular or cranial dystonia. Five completed the study, median age was 71 years (range 42-79 years), median disease duration was 12 years (range 2-30 years). Participants were randomized to receive levetiracetam or(More)
Ethernet a popular choice for metropolitan-area networks (MAN) due to simplicity, cost effectiveness and scalability. The Spanning-Tree based switching mechanism, which is considered to be very efficient at avoiding switching loops in LAN environment, is a performance bottleneck in Metro network context. Handling of link failure is an important issue in(More)
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