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In this paper, we report the preparation and characterization of both the ZnO nanocrystalline thin films and nanopowder by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique. ZnO films were grown on polished Si(1 0 0) and amorphous glass substrates at different deposition temperature range varying from 200 to 500 1C. Both orientation and the size of the crystallites were(More)
An interesting case of peculiarity of the distal attachment of the three fibular muscles is reported in the left foot of a male adult cadaver of Indian origin. The fibularis brevis, just inferior to the fibular malleolus, gave off an additional slender tendon anteromedial to its main tendon. This was attached to the dorsal digital expansion of the little(More)
The polycrystalline samples of LaGa 1-x Fe x O 3 have been prepared by standard solid state reaction route. The phase purity of the prepared samples is confirmed by powder x-ray diffraction experiments followed by Rietveld analysis. It has been observed that the variation of lattice parameters is governed by Vegard's law. The optical band gap of these(More)
Morphologically diverse osseous projections were observed on the anterior lip of the sigmoid sulcus in a study conducted on 318 dry unsexed adult human skulls belonging to the Indian race. For convenience of description, this lip was divided into a longer lateral part, a shorter medial part and a junctional angular part having bony attributes characterized(More)
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