Preecha Moonsin

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Carbazole dendrimers up to 4th generation were synthesized. They showed significantly high T(g), amorphous and stable electrochemical properties, and great potential as solution processed hole-transporting materials for OLEDs. Alq3-based green devices exhibited high luminance efficiency and CIE coordinates of 4.45 cd A(-1) and (0.29, 0.53), respectively.
Two new high-performance DPP-containing donor molecules employing a molecular architecture with three DPP chromorphores (tri-DPP) in conjugated backbones are synthesized and characterized. The two tri-DPP molecules with only a structural difference on alkyl substitutions, when blended with PC71 BM, lead to power conversion efficiencies up to 4.8 and 5.5%,(More)
Three stereoisomers of DPP(TBFu)2 are separated and identified to investigate the effects of stereoisomerism on crystal structures and the optoelectrical properties. The crystal structures and FET mobility are sensitive to stereoisomers, in which the mesomer possesses the highest carrier mobility and the greatest crystallization tendency to dominate the(More)
Bis(fluorenyl)benzothiadiazole-cored carbazole dendrimers show high thermal and electrochemical stability, and great potential as solution processed hole-transporting non-doped green emitters for OLEDs. A pure green device with CIE coordinates of (0.27, 0.62) and high luminance efficiencies (up to 10.01 cd A(-1)) is achieved, respectively.
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