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Do farmers waste fertilizer? A comparison of ex post optimal nitrogen rates and ex ante recommendations by model, site and year
While there appear to be costs to farmers of over-applying nitrogen, there is evidence in many regions that farmers are applying nitrogen at levels that exceed those suggested by government extensionExpand
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Risk and Nitrogen Application Levels
"Stochastic weather and soil conditions are the suggested reasons why farmers tend to apply more than the recommended levels of nitrogen. This study found that uncertainty plays a role in theExpand
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Economics of genomic selection: the role of prediction accuracy and relative genotyping costs
Abstract Studies that incorporate economic aspects of plant breeding into the evaluation of selection strategies tend to focus on a specific example. This makes it difficult to generalize theExpand
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Environmental Externalities, Comparative Advantage, and the Location of Production: An Application to the Canadian Dairy Industry
type="main" xml:lang="fr"> La theorie classique des avantages comparatifs n'a pas ete bien integree aux theories portant sur les externalites environnementales et la localisation de la production.Expand
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Modeling Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rates for Winter Wheat When Inputs Affect Yield and Output-Price
Abstract An empirical model to examine economically optimal nitrogen fertilizer rates for winter wheat when nitrogen affects crop yield and crop price is presented. The results show that the ex postExpand
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Chapter 11 The Challenges Facing Evidence-Based Policy Making in Canadian Agriculture
Abstract Several governments in Canada have made commitments to adopting evidence-based policy development. Several obstacles to the adoption of this approach have been identified in the policyExpand
Comparative Advantage: From an Individual to the Economy
This paper identifies an internal inconsistency in the Heckscher-Ohlin (H-O) models of international exchange. The inconsistency stems from assuming homogeneity of inputs within a population. ThisExpand
Analyzing higher moments of nitrogen response for risk efficient fertilizer application in wheat and corn production
• The question of optimal fertilizer intensity has a long history and is still relevant from several perspectives. • While it is obvious that the optimal input use contributes to economic benefitsExpand
A Review of the Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of On-Farm BMPs for Mitigating Soil-Related GHG Emissions
The greenhouse gas (GHG) sources and carbon (C) sinks of Ontario’s agricultural soils and the impacts of management practices and potential strategies to reduce emissions and increase sinks are notExpand
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