Predrag Kalajdzic

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Insecticide resistance is a worldwide problem with major impact on agriculture and human health. Understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms is crucial for the management of the phenomenon; however, this information often comes late with respect to the implementation of efficient counter-measures, particularly in the case of metabolism-based(More)
We analyzed changes in the genetic structure and effective population size of two ecologically distinct populations of Drosophila subobscura over several years. Population sizes of D. subobscura in beech and oak wood habitats for a period of 6 years were estimated by the capture-mark-release-recapture method. Inversion polymorphism parameters were also(More)
Certain xenobiotics have the capacity to induce the expression of genes involved in various biological phenomena, including insecticide resistance. The induction potential of different chemicals, among them different insecticides, has been documented for a number of insect species. In this study, we have analyzed the induction potential of Imidacloprid, a(More)
Drosophila subobscura is a wild Drosophila species that is spread over almost all of Europe. It possesses an uniquely rich inversion polymorphism on all five long chromosomes. This polymorphism is to a certain degree associated with the variation and dynamics of ecological factors in space and time. We analyzed the changes of inversion polymorphism(More)
As a response to the long-term presence of heavy metals in the environment, populations can evolve resistance. Its maintenance may have detrimental effect on population's fitness, causing a fitness cost. Lead is one of the widely distributed elements in the environment exhibiting high toxicity on organisms. By analyzing developmental stages viability and(More)
We analyzed the developmental time, egg-to-adult viability, and developmental stability (fluctuating wing size asymmetry) in Drosophila subobscura, maintained for six generations on different concentrations of lead. Development time is significantly affected by generation and lead concentration, but interaction of these factors is not a significant source(More)
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