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Variability of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) and Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) is an important concern for many analog CMOS integrated circuits. In this paper, transistors with enclosed gate layout are examined and compared with standard layout transistors, with particular emphasis on weak inversion region. Enclosed gate transistors show an improved gate voltage(More)
Variability of low frequency noise (LFN) in MOSFETs is bias-dependent. Moderate-to-large-sized transistors commonly used in analog/RF applications show 1/f-like noise spectra, resulting from the superposition of random telegraph noise. Carrier number and mobility fluctuations are considered as the main causes of LFN. While their effect on the(More)
A one-dimensional model of the polysilicon-gate-oxide-bulk structure is presented in order to analyze the implanted gate MOS-devices. The influence of the ionized impurity concentration in the polysilicon-gate near the oxide and the charge at the polysilicon-oxide interface on the flat-band voltage, threshold voltage, inversion layer charge and the(More)
Low frequency noise (LFN) characteristics can limit the performance of conventional CMOS designs. In the context of this paper enclosed gate N- and P-MOS transistors will be examined regarding LFN mean value and its variability in various biasing conditions. In subthreshold region enclosed gate PMOS transistors show a significantly reduced LFN variability(More)
In this paper, Buried-Channel and Native MOSFETs are thoroughly investigated in terms of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) variability for different bias and area conditions. These devices are compared with standard bulk CMOS transistors indicating lower levels of LFN regarding both its mean value and its variability. Moreover a recently proposed compact MOSFET(More)
In this paper, a thorough statistical investigation of low frequency noise (LFN) variability in MOSFETs is presented. In smaller-sized devices, noise fluctuations are area-dominated. In moderate- to large-sized transistors (Area &#x226B; 1&#x03BC;m<sup>2</sup>), normalized noise fluctuations are roughly independent of area, but show a distinct degradation(More)
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