Predrag Bursac

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The cytoskeleton (CSK) is a crowded network of structural proteins that stabilizes cell shape and drives cell motions. Recent studies on the dynamics of the CSK have established that a wide variety of cell types exhibit rheology in which responses are not tied to any particular relaxation times and are thus scale-free. Scale-free rheology is often found in(More)
Out-of-equilibrium systems, such as the dynamics of a living cytoskeleton (CSK), are inherently noisy with fluctuations arising from the stochastic nature of the underlying biochemical and molecular events. Recently, such fluctuations within the cell were characterized by observing spontaneous nano-scale motions of an RGD-coated microbead bound to the cell(More)
We report directional memory of spontaneous nanoscale displacements of an individual bead firmly anchored to the cytoskeleton of a living cell. A novel method of analysis shows that for shorter time intervals cytoskeletal displacements are antipersistent and thus provides direct evidence in a living cell of molecular trapping and caged dynamics. At longer(More)
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