Predrag Andrejevic

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A 30-year-old male suffered from acute abdomen following duodenal biopsy taken at esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). Exploratory laparotomy showed a large retroperitoneal hematoma arising from the second part of the duodenum that was then treated conservatively. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first case of extensive retroperitoneal hematoma following(More)
INTRODUCTION Video games are mainly considered to be of entertainment value in our society. Laparoscopic surgery and video games are activities similarly requiring eye-hand and visual-spatial skills. Previous studies have not conclusively shown a positive correlation between video game experience and improved ability to accomplish visual-spatial tasks in(More)
A 70 year old lady presented to the emergency department complaining of "bubbling neck'' and abdominal discomfort. She underwent diagnostic colonoscopy six hours before admission. Clinical examination showed a haemodynamically stable patient and imaging revealed free air in all body compartments. We report a rare case of micro perforation during diagnostic(More)
A 78-year-old man presented to the accident and emergency department with acute abdominal pain. A CT scan done to investigate the pain showed an intra-abdominal abscess medial to the caecum and an incidental exophytic lesion in the gall bladder. This was excised during surgery and sent for histological examination. Histology showed a ciliated foregut cyst(More)
Renal artery aneurysm (RAA) is an unusual vascular disease. Few vascular surgeons have extensive experience with clinical management of RAA.Considerable confusion persists concerning its incidence, cause, and clinical importance. Due to lack of controlled clinical data, controversy also persists regarding the indication for treatment of asymptomatic RAA.We(More)
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